Company Info

Marine InfoTech was founded in 2018 in Houston, TX, USA. We develop innovative state of the art software applications and solutions for the marine industry. Our solutions aim to make your business more profitable wherever in the world you operate. This means faster delivery of services, more efficient transfer of information between the parties, and increased access to the markets more freely.

Within Marine InfoTech, we have brought together decades of combined marine industry and software development expertise: our solutions are developed FOR the people of Marine Industry BY the people of Marine Industry.

Our Values

The values of a company define the mindset and the direction for the company moving forward. Our values in Marine InfoTech are People, Innovation, Profit, and Lean Management.

People: We always care for our people within Marine Infotech and people are our main strength in our company. We also care for your benefit as a marine industry professional being our client using our products and services.

Innovation: Developing technology that is state of the art, useful and well thought of is our passion which led us start Marine InfoTech.

Profit: We believe making a Profit is important for any company to stay in business, however developing products that will make Profit for our clients and finding ways that benefit both parties is our way of thinking when it comes to developing products.

Lean Management: We believe in low company overhead and lean management within our company to minimize the running costs for the company, so that we can offer services and products to you at a minimal cost that is possible. We are aware that inefficient management will result in a financial burden on the company which will be reflected on our clients, therefore Lean Management is crucial for being able to provide services at a minimal cost.

Digital Information

Digital technologies have transformed many aspects of our lives in recent years and now the transformation has moved on to industrials. We believe that the marine industry is at a pivotal point in its journey towards becoming more efficient and cost effective through smart utilization of modern information technology solutions, and we are excited to be part of this.


We are aware of the needs of the marine industry, and our solutions focus on your needs as the end user to make your life easier, and your business more profitable. We take the time it requires to develop a good software product with the features that you need in your business.

We are excited to announce that we have several projects in progress and our first product will be launched in 2020. This will be our first web/mobile application and currently it is going through rigorous testing before its launch. You may notice the logo for our first product in our home page at the bottom right. The logo will direct you to our first product’s website once it goes live. You can follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest updates and news on Marine InfoTech and our products.